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MrMotorMan - Finno - 05-24-2019

Anyone tried one of these? I'm interested to know how they work in practice. In theory it looks like a cool idea.

[Image: Mr-Motor-Man-001.jpg]

[Image: Mr-Motor-Man-002.jpg]

RE: MrMotorMan - Super - 05-24-2019

Mine works great once you figure out the controls. It can only be used on engines that take 'C' size batteries. There are a few YouTube videos that show how it works and we have discussed it here in the Forums too.

RE: MrMotorMan - Off The Rails - 05-25-2019

I wish! These were getting harder to find just as I was really getting in to the hobby. They later did a version with a rechargeable battery/receiver unit that could be used in AA powered trains.

RE: MrMotorMan - Super - 05-25-2019

OTR...Had you used the ones for the AA? I had thought that the square case wouldn't fit well in regular Plarails but fit in the Advance engines, but of course I could be wrong.

RE: MrMotorMan - Finno - 05-25-2019

In this later version you can also use this support vehicle to push the engine so I guess it wouldn't matter about the batteries.

[Image: 10140427a2.jpg]

[Image: 10140427p.jpg]

RE: Mr. Motorman - DalaGStanator - 05-25-2019

This thing has been known and mentioned here for some years now. Despite being a third-party product (made by Brave), it works perfectly with Plarail, TrackMaster 1 and even other brands of trains. I recall wondering if it also worked with the Chuggington Motorized (not Plarail) range since I have three of them and they use C batteries.

Ucwepn (our founder) made a review of it and showed it being used on some C battery engines (and later used it in several reviews of compatible trains).

It's "Really Useful" for things like filming or public layouts, or for trains that don't have RC versions (which are easier to control but not quite as good). Also, since it uses radio control instead of infrared, the receivers can be hidden in the trains without deformation or glaring red parts. This also makes outdoor control more feasible.

RE: MrMotorMan - Super - 05-25-2019

Thank you for the Links

Yes, there is that one but personally I don't like anything that 'pushes' any trains along as I find them cumbersome add to that, this design just doesn't look good. Yes, thats right...not fond of Emily, Mighty Mac, Hank (original), Molly, Murdoch or the C-57's. Now if they had modeled this unit after something to disguise it like a coach or brakevan it may be more presentable.

RE: MrMotorMan - leylandvictory2 - 05-25-2019

(05-25-2019, 12:07 AM)Off The Rails Wrote: I wish! These were getting harder to find just as I was really getting in to the hobby. They later did a version with a rechargeable battery/receiver unit that could be used in AA powered trains.
Hobby Search used to have them.  One controller can control up to 5 trains I believe as long as you have 5 receivers. As super mentioned the original version can only be used for motors that use "C" battery.  Mr motorman kit comes with one receiver.  You insert a "AA" battery into the receiver.

RE: MrMotorMan - Finno - 05-25-2019

It looks really fun. Thanks for the links Da-lag.

@Super - Do you notice any wear and tear to the motor using this? I wonder if it's bad for them to run in reverse or to have too much stop/start?

@OTR - there seem to be quite a lot on ebay at the moment.

RE: MrMotorMan - Super - 05-25-2019

I really didn't notice anything out of the ordinary with the trains.

RE: MrMotorMan - leylandvictory2 - 05-26-2019

Mr motorman definitely doesn't work on Trackmaster 2 engines for obvious reason. Mr. motorman is now somewhat an obsolete technology but it is worthwhile to get one. I believe there is an app and a receiver you must download and buy. Much more easier to operate but sadly the controls are written in Japanese for obvious reasons.

RE: MrMotorMan - DalaGStanator - 05-26-2019

It's not "obsolete" since TrackMaster had major mechanical changes whereas Plarail is still the same. There is no app for Mr. Motorman, only the physical receiver and controller. I suppose you're thinking of the later RC Doctor Yellow that requires a Japanese address for the app. Due to how simple Mr. Motorman is, there's (little to) no need to learn Japanese to use it.

RE: MrMotorMan - Ucwepn - 05-27-2019

Hi Guys it is a really fun bit of kit if you can find one! I have had no ill effects on any loco with it running in reverse (except for derailments haha).

RE: MrMotorMan - leylandvictory2 - 05-27-2019

you don't need to buy an Angry Gordon if you want Gordon to run at a ridiculous speed. I haven't got myself one of the latest plarail engines yet. I wonder if mr motorman will work on the newest plarail engines since they have a different designs.

RE: MrMotorMan - Finno - 05-27-2019

I don't know if I am looking at the wrong thing but there seem to be a lot available on eBay. Specifically the "Mr MotorMan operation good eco 3".

At first I thought perhaps they were just selling the m.3 battery pack but the listings seem to suggest it's the whole kit. A bit hard to decipher some of them.

Here's a search result:

What do you think?