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some of my edits - Therealblack64YT - 11-09-2019

hello I am back after a long while I thought I would show some stuff I did while I was not on blue plastic tracks 
[Image: Trackmaster-sam.png][Image: Trackmaster-2-logan-and-isla.png][Image: Trackmaster-D199.png][Image: D261-trackmaster-2.png]
well I will post more in the future so yeah I also got a tomy Edward the one with the old style face 
[Image: tomy-edward.jpg]

RE: some of my edits - Super - 11-09-2019

Welcome back T-Real

RE: some of my edits - leylandvictory2 - 11-09-2019

you can turn some of your creation into reality if you print them on paper sticker.

RE: some of my edits - Therealblack64YT - 11-09-2019

but how

RE: some of my edits - Super - 11-09-2019

It may be better to take the discussion of customs to a Forum that all can enjoy as this Forum is generally about showing us what you bought. Might I suggest our 'Modifications Gallery' Forum

RE: some of my edits - Therealblack64YT - 11-09-2019


RE: some of my edits - Super - 11-10-2019

Thanks T-Real, just start a Thread over there about your designs and discussions can neatly take place there and easily found in the future when one searches for your creations.

RE: some of my edits - Therealblack64YT - 09-03-2021

well its been a while revived a dead thread here I have an edit I did where I took the coach that came with splatter and dodge and decided to make it look like the old express coach this may work better than Annie/clarabel or the top of it on the bottom of Annie or clarabel but I will go back on this in the future and make it as it could lead to interesting results but here it is for the back I may take a broken hook and modify it to have a loop or take plasticard and make a base and may take a peg from an Annie/clarabel to glue it there for the hook may even do 3 of them  [Image: more-ideas.png]

[Image: old-express-coach.png]

RE: some of my edits - Super - 09-03-2021

Wow...that Coach looks fantastic T-Real!

RE: some of my edits - GreatGordonFan - 09-03-2021

Nice to see an old thread revived! Have a look at this. Is anything not right here?
[Image: new.png]

RE: some of my edits - Super - 09-03-2021

Gordons 'Special Coach' ???

RE: some of my edits - DalaGStanator - 09-03-2021

That's the one. Such pack would've been based on "Emily and the Special Coaches/Cars" from Season 10. Gordon is given these coaches (dark blue with orange stripes) as a reward for setting a new speed record. They never appeared again after the episode.

RE: some of my edits - Super - 09-03-2021

That would be a really neat coach for Trackmaster to make and sell as a Limited Edition.............ooops.......not in Revolution though:dodgy: 
What say you Plarail? :heart:

RE: some of my edits - GreatGordonFan - 09-06-2021

You can tell it's an edit because The gordon does not have a shadow. Also the pattern in the background overlaps. Anyway, I think this was one of my better edits.

RE: some of my edits - Therealblack64YT - 02-18-2022

hello I am back and this edit is a brown express coach different to plarail's talking gordon from 2015 as this one is a different shade and has black buffers may do more rolling stock edits as I the ideas I have are interesting may do engines again too. also I I were to make this (possibly) I would try and go to make molds of the express coach and take some parts to do so as then it would mean I wouldn't have to buy another pair of express coaches to make it as they are ridiculously expensive on eBay like £20 for 2 express coaches and even one some are charing £10 for a single one ridiculous eBay price gauging in my eyes most likely not that pricey without inflation I was lucky I got one for £3 which would be around £6 with the shipping and with it the others I mentioned would be £13 and around £23 quite much but this is an edit not a speech about price inflation on items that's a different topic I have a few opinions on

 [Image: BROWN.png]