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Plarail PR Tankers? - chrisjo - 11-09-2020

Does anyone know anything about these tankers?  They weren't a catalogue item (Edit: yes they were, see below!). The green one is described as a 'Toyama Oil Transport Co.' wagon.

[Image: 256787333.jpg]   [Image: i-img1200x800-1576675185ccekuv259269.jpg]

RE: Plarail PR Tankers? - Super - 11-09-2020

Plarail Yard Full of Freight Set supposedly released for a short time in 2001
[Image: Freight.jpg]

RE: Plarail PR Tankers? - chrisjo - 11-09-2020

Brilliant! Thanks Super. I'd completely forgotten about that set. I just picked up three of the silver tankers, hence my question.

Clearly I didn't examine the catalogues closely enough...

[Image: 2001-2002-P05.png]
[Image: 2002-2003-P17.png]
Then replaced in 2003 by the EH500-10 Kintaro set:
[Image: 2003-2004-P18.png]

RE: Plarail PR Tankers? - Super - 11-09-2020

What I find curious is that all the vehicles in this set, including the engine, have yellow wheels but the green caboose has red.

The EH500-10 Kintaro set also has exclusive Tankers but in this case there are 3.