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Help me Identify Another? - Super - 12-04-2021

I need help with another train...from the Plarail Bible (p165) I can see it was released in 1992 but because I can't read Japanese I have no idea the name of the train....anyone help with what it is called?

[Image: IMG-1000.jpg]

RE: Help me Identify Another? - chrisjo - 12-04-2021

2スピードつばさ. Literally "2-speed Wing".

But don't translate the つばさ and it's "2-speed Tsubasa", a 400 series Shinkansen.
[Image: i-img1200x1200-16264488983fftho41577.jpg]

The exact same train was available in the Tomica World Deluxe Set 7433.
[Image: 7433j.jpg]

RE: Help me Identify Another? - Super - 12-05-2021

Many thanks Dr Chris...what would I do without you.....wait.....I don't want to hear as you have to be around long after I am gone. :D