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Trackmaster Revolution (TMR) New releases
The spiky wheels were added around 2017 to allow action wagons to work without having to use actual traction tyres, which then resulted in them cutting costs and only using rounded wheels for locos and spiked wheels for rolling stock/tenders.
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I understand about the spiky wheels on the locomotives.

But I repeat and endorse the wise words of Mister No when he says above that "it will remain a mystery to me how the teeth on the wheels of the non-powered wagons can provide traction..."

We're both still hoping for an explanation on that one, but not holding our breath.
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My thought on this (not official) came when this feature first started.  In the very beginning of Trackmaster II rolling stock wheels did not have the teeth and what was happening when running the trains through all the hoops, jumps and circus stunts those early sets had the trailing units were not 'tracking' behind the engines very well and would easily derail or tip when performing. This was probably due to their size and weight being a fraction of what we are use to. I think I remember seeing this in early videos. Introducing the teeth on the wheels of rolling stock and coaches alleviated is wandering and seemed to keep following the engine very nicely. I think the only ones that had teeth early on were those that performed some type movement or action within.

A relatively similar thing happens with Plarail/Tomy/Early Trackmaster can be seen when going downhill on Tomy tracks where the cars want to roll down faster than the engine. I always disliked filming trains going downhill because of this.

All of this might have been what  was being referred to as "traction" with the geared wheels. But unofficial thought was Trackmaster had to come up with a fix for the derails and the flopping around after the release of Trackmaster II.
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I don't think they are there for traction but simply so they actually spin, the plastic on plastic axle to body connection is such a poor quality that without the spikes they would simply get stuck. Also they probably only want to mould one wheel type for all rolling stock. I believe the first time I ever saw plastic axles was on fisher price Trackmaster 1 Donald and Douglas tenders.
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Super, I suspect the face on the tanker can be removed.  I examined the photo carefully, i saw a ridge line.  i suspect that is where top and bottom section of the tanker can be broke up into two pieces.  

[Image: 20210117-090425.png]

It seems Canada will be one of the last places that will get this new merchandise.  It took me a long before I was able to track down Kenji at Wal mart.  I went to five different Wal mart before I could find one.  argh.
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In New Zealand it hasn't even made the country at all. I know there is one for sale on a local site, but it was imported. We haven't even had Raul from that far back
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Yes, I saw that the tank itself had seams what I am unsure of is if the face is molded into that orange front part of the tank (like Diesels face) or its separate. If I had to go by what I can actually see in the photo is that its molded in as I can't see a seam. Its still doable removing the face by cutting it up but not as easy or perfect as if it were separate. Big Grin
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Well New Zealand is in a tight lockdown. I am not surprise at all.  At least new Zealand has zero covid cases.
My Trackmaster/Tomy/Plarail Photo Gallery Page (over 600+ photos and still under construction)
Apparently according to the wiki, the tanker wobbles about... "Orange rocking Troublesome Tanker" quote from the wiki
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(01-20-2021, 11:05 PM)leylandvictory2 Wrote: Well New Zealand is in a tight lockdown. I am not surprise at all.  At least new Zealand has zero covid cases.

Lockdown???  We have no such thing as a lockdown.  We can go to sports and fill our stadiums with real people.  We can do anything we like in New Zealand without social Distancing.  The only thing we can't do is leave our beautiful country.  If that is the price we have to pay to keep the bugs out, I have no problem with that.
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New Zealand has been like this for almost half a year now too, It's similar to Australia, however we still have a few minor restrictions
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