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i live in the US too, and i really want to get my hands on some plarail items, especially neville, percy, thomas, and merlin.

also, i found a great site to find plarail items!
Creator Of Upcoming Trainz Series; The Railways Of Lancashire

@ jukiodaisuki:
Thanks for that image! Now I know which set the green DE10 comes from. That one is definitely on my “Most Wanted” list.

I like the DE10 because it’s an attractive locomotive in its own right but it also slightly reminds me of the US/Canadian built Alco diesels, like the RS11.
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How do your american plarail fans buy ?

Yahoo auction, e-bay ?

So, TakaraTomy's plarail is selling in USA's shop ?
I’ve bought a lot of older stuff from Super or various eBay sellers. I occasionally find stuff on Mandarake. Newer stuff is mostly from Hobby Search, Hobby Link Japan or Japanese vendors on Amazon.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any Plarail or Tomica items sold at retail in the US in years.
@Off The Rails

Thanks Information.

I used sometime eBay, Every reserve is Amazom JP.

So, News is......

What is this train ?
Plarail 60 Anniversary....

TakaraTomy on Twitter upload.
[Image: Snap-Crab-No-Name-2019-3-23-13-46-39-No-00.png]

England Class 800/802 or Original Plarail ?

Plarail shop will get to buy 600 points ?

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Where is Plarail information, June to September ?

Nowhere  upload...?

Plarail information want to get very difficult...?

I had gone to Tomica Expo Osaka 2019, There is TS-08 Thomas Series Rebecca only Osaka Expo Photo only...

When is Rebecca selling, I don't know..

[Image: Snap-Crab-No-Name-2019-3-24-11-42-54-No-00.png]
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Thanks Jukio, looks like she has a uniquely colored Tanker.

How did you like the Tomica Expo?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I bet Rebecca will probably come out sometime later this year. She looks kinda flat in the front though.
Making Customs, Filming Videos and looking for the purest engines. That's how I roll here on Blue Plastic Tracks.


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