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Info on this layout
He does mention in another of his videos that he does use some HO scale buildings & accesories to add to what they already have. Nice family projects, its does not look like they are out to sell anything so its nice to see them just set up their show layouts for the shear joy of watching the looks on all the children's faces which are precious.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Not to bump up a five year old thread, but I was talking with someone on Twitter about this layout and I dug up the original.

[Image: layout22.jpg]
As best I can tell the caption is
"Best Work"
Shunsuke Akiba (8 years old) Yui-chan (3 years old), Ibaraki Prefecture. Title: "Plarail Thomas Island"

I assumed this is from some sort of magazine contest, and also wanted to see when exactly it was from.

Some more digging brought up the webpage of Shunsuke

From the home page it seems to be that "Railway Toys" magazine from Neko Publishing may have been the source of the contest. I poked around the website for a while and there is a lot of interesting content

You can see they have a Departing Now collection as well, so the coaches on the layout probably are Departing Now. It seems they built a number of cool set pieces and buildings, and also installed the magnetic couplings and painted some running boards white.
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I couldn't let this sit for some reason, I knew I could find more...

The website with some of the papercraft models is still online. Not all the PDFs are intact but the ones on the main page with buildings from the layout seem to be
The oversized coaches are actually papercraft (probably based on the Departing Now models). I think some of the express coaches in the sidings are papercraft as well
[Image: Screenshot-20201022-013028-01.jpg]
It seems they beat Plarail to releasing a blue and brown express coach by probably a decade as well.
I also found an archived site with the papercrafts that have dead links on the still live site.

I started digging around in the webring feature of the original site I found (Man, remember webrings?) and found this site
And before long that led me to this page
...full of alternate angles of the layout. It also confirms it is from a photo contest
[Image: islandrails.jpg]
[Image: jamturn.jpg]
This confirms that the layout was probably before the real white running board engines would have come out
[Image: coachs.jpg]
I can't tell for sure, but that middle red coach does seem a little suspicious to me.

Some other cool things include a big ol' list of dates for pretty much every item up to 2003, going back to the 1992 stuff. I don't know about you, but I certainly did not know the release day of the 1993 Henry set... or many other things on the list.
It's the third link under the last header on the left side, towards the bottom.

Anyway, I have no idea if anyone else is that interested in this layout, I had honestly mostly forgotten about it until someone asked me if I knew anything about it, and I figured that was a good as time as any to get to know stuff about it
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Thanks Duck Smile
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