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bad photo, ID help maybe, lol
ok, found a listing with some interesting trains. the first photo showed a couple of thomas characters and what looked like a hypercity engine. completely missed the yellow one in this shot, somehow.

[Image: silver.jpg]

this photo showed the yellow and and the unknown silver under the childs arm. any idea what that silver train could be? looks like a bullet engine with 2 box coaches rather than a bullet train with a dummy engine. also, looking at the first photo, what do you think is on the track next to the silver one? looks a little like toby and a truck, but could be looking at it wrong.

[Image: silvertrain.jpg]

i have asked the seller to list them, as this auction is for the table only. have also asked for a photo of the 3 plarail trains.

thanks in advance... i trust this will be a challenge!
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could be this one
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I agree with Ucwepn. I have the six car set of these and it does look very much like the one pictured except it isn't silver but white with burgundy tops. Did the seller mention that it was silver?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • sunhuntin
thanks, you two. you may be right. the seller never said either way what color it was, as the listing is for the table. she also said if interested in trains or track, to contact her, which i did.
she has replied saying she will have to ask her son, and that shes been collecting for him for a while, and they have quite a few, so fingers crossed! ive told her the lad will get decent pocket money if he does want to sell.
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  • Thehsvdude
The mystery 'silver' train is an 800 Series in White and Burgundy as mentioned. It normally comes as a 6 car set. The eBay listing is the train but it's actually an 800 not 500 series as listed. (see box image)

It's not particularly rare or sought after especially missing half of the set. Was there something particular that you wanted from the listing?
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thanks, 3t. when it comes to japanese trains, im always interested. chances are she has the rest of the train, but it wasnt being used on the day this photo was taken, since the trains and track were basically to show what they used the table for.

heres hoping the boy wants to sell and get some money for new toys.
my website address has changed:
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