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Monorail Advice
Hi Gang,

I wanted to quiz the knowledge base here in regards to a monorail. The next step in our train evolution is a monorail and given that I'm looking at over $100 for one, i thought I would do at least a little homework.

I wanted to get everyone's opinion, thoughts, experiences, do this & don't do that... etc. 

Here is what I was thinking,  of the Tomy ones, I think I prefer the one where the monorail is on top of the track rather than the ones where its on the underside.  It just seems cooler and more stable and more 'kid friendly'

I am also curious is anyone has used or familiar with any of these below (sorry having trouble uploading pics now)
But I was thinking that if we add a monorail then why does it need to be "tomy"  just cause im in love with tomy?  you cant really use any of the other tomy parts and track with the monorail.

Ill add pics of what im considering when I can.  Also, if anyone has a monorail for sale, let me know.

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There is one,

I purchased a bulk lot from this guy.  Even thought he said all the motorize trains works.  Only 70%-80% are in running position.  I was able to negotiate a better price.  If the train doesn't work, at lease you get the risers.  

Perhaps you should check out the youtube videos on Tomy Monorail.  it will give you a better idea on what to expect.  From what I saw the tracks must be set in a straight line otherwise the monotrain will have a hard time navigating.
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The Tomy or Disney (that run on the blue track) are pretty hard to find other than at the Japan auctions, but can be found at a price. I have a few different ones from Tomy to Disney and hanging to the ones that ride on top of the rails. Super has several as well and there was a thread where we discussed several types and some disadvantages of them. One I know was quieter and was not as shaky on the rails. I love the look of the Disney ones and they are top of rail monorails but they shake pretty bad when they travel. The hanging ones are sort of a pain to get the track together and clipped into the risers.
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I did look into the over-rail and under-rail monorail systems quite a bit including the non-Plarail sets you pictured. All the over-rail Plarail Monorails have a very noticeable 'wobble' as they travel along and is the reason I have not purchased any except...for the Disney 25th Anniversary release well...because its Disney and...its the Rare one  Big Grin. Plarail did final release an updated over-rail Monorail and corrected the 'wobble' in its last release, the 2015 Plarail Expo Exclusive Tokyo Monorail 10000 Series. But this corrected release, which runs the best IMO, come with one drawback from the wobbly ones...the new one can not navigated the special 'sloped' rails and this is probably due to their beefier couplers or just something Plarail didn't think of when designing it. All the other over-railers work fine on the slopes. You may find some info that will help you in this Thread  Suzukawas video below shows very well the difference between the new Expo Exclusive and a wobbler.

As far as the non-Plarail version you mention and pictured, they are the best and most realistic of any Disney Monorail and they also make some Disney attractions to go along with it. The best being the Contemporary Hotel where the Monorail runs through it. I was all set to purchase one of those until I found the only complaint about them......the set takes up a lot of space probably due to the long radius curves with no options to reduce the footprint and not much options other than a circle or oval Layout. The Plarail Monorails can be set up in a smaller footprint plus has the option to have the rail go in all types of direction up, down, right, left. The under-rail (hanging) Plarail Monorails have no problems at least with the ones I have (blue, red and yellow).

[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
thanks for the advice guys.  I got a 140$ gift card from ebay and bought the red 'under' monorail.  Its funny, the decision was exactly what both of you mentioned... I watched some videos on youtube and lots of wobbling.  Then I also saw one where they had a track directly above the monorail.  I thought that was cool too!  

Who am I kidding, I will end up with the other one too.  It seems like the options on ebay are slim and pricey.  Might be time to give Jauce a try for some used ones...

Thanks again!
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I have been after a cheap over-rail Disney train even non-working to fiddle with different ideas of correcting the wobble or at least minimizing it but haven't been able to strike one from Japan yet. A very cool feature of the hanging Monorails is that they have a reverse switch on the bottom which can be activated automatically when it passes of an option clip placed on the riser or in my first Monorail Layouts I made my own until I could grab some. This enables you to run an open ended Rail like along a back wall of a Layout and the Monorail would run back and forth automatically reversing at the end of the rail. Or, even run 2 Monorails on the same loop without crashing. You can see this in a couple of my videos. Plus, on either type of Monorails if you use regular Tomy Blue Track in the double length straight you will be able to increase the size by using fewer of the special risers.

Are you talking about this Red under-rail?

[Image: i-img1200x900-1526556201tgjq3a69675.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Hey Super, nope.  I got this one...$101.77 new from japan (free shipping)

[Image: mono_rail_2.jpg] [Image: mono_rail1_JPG.jpg] [Image: mono_rail3.jpg]

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That one you have there is the latest of the hangers released even if it is several years old.

Another thing to make note of in addition to what I said above about the use of Double Length Blue Straight rails is the fact that you can also use traditional ramped 17" straight rails on its side to add a little curve where needed.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Do you have a picture of the clip to are taking about? I have not seen one or if I have I may have over looked it. :-)

I probably have a Thread where I show my custom made one using 1/4" brass rectangle stock glued in place using rubber cement so it can be removed later but I can't find it. You also could probably see it in one of my earlier videos.

[Image: wea.jpg]   [Image: 003.jpg]


In my very first video you can see a closeup of my homemade reverse clip. Brass painted gray to match the pillar and removable using rubber cement.
At the 2:31 minute mark you can see that very homemade clip in action with the blue hanging Monorail.

[Image: Untweditled.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • ripley802
hi all, (especially you SUPER). I got the monorail today and I have a question. this might be right on the box, but as you know, its all in Japanese.
I am curious if there is some sort of sensor in the monorail that impacts the on/off switch. I'm thinking of the Thomas trains (talking ones I think) that have pressure sensors under the wheels so they will only run if they are on the tracks.
I'm asking cause I have a battery in my monorail and its like there is a short in there. i flip the switch and sometimes it comes on and some times it doesn't.

Make sure the Reverse Switch is fully to the left or right.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I’ll give it a shot! Thanks
No luck. This is going to be fun, trying to return this to Japan!
By the reverse switch I don't mean the on/off switch. Also try a different brand of AA battery that some times correct an ill fitting one. Did you get this through Ebay or Amazon?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

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