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Geesh...Did I Buy Them All???
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I have been looking for an additional set of six of these Livestock Wagons with Livestock for over a month on the Japan Auctions without much luck. I use to see them all the time when I didn't want them. Then when I did want them it was easy assembling a set of six through the Auctions. Now it seems I must have bought them all as I have managed to only get one (along with an Edward) in over a months time. I have only seen 2 other wagons, one each in two different auctions but those auctions were for a ton of Plarail trains along with a lot of track and accessories which would drive the shipping weight way to high just to get one of these. I certainly didn't see this to be that hard after the first set of six was so easy to find...geesh! Dodgy
[Image: 002.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Muddy Poppins
Yep, that sounds like my experience with the Law Of Inverse Supply in online auctions. A previously easy to find item suddenly evaporates from the face of the Earth as soon as you want or need it.
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Super - FYI, in case you were still looking for those livestock wagons, someone just put up on eBay a D-51 200 with five of those wagons. .
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Thanks for the heads up Confused, I appreciate it. Too bad I have just recently bought the final one I needed to complete the 12 I needed. Besides, it looks like all of those Cattle Cars are missing the Livestock.
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Well, I'm glad you were able to find what you needed Smile. So those wagons originally came with removeable(?) livestock. That sounds pretty cool.
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The livestock was not meant to be removed... Big Grin
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  • confusedanddelayed
@Super: Yeah, I think that “conameche” guy on eBay has the same obsession with livestock cars as you.

The EXACT same obsession! Big Grin
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