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Plarails Worst Sticker Ever???
Plarail/Tomy makes the best stuff and I don't like to complain because they make such superior models but this sticker, of which there are 4, on the newly released Hello Kitty Shinkansen has to be their worst and blatantly stands out from the perfect painted graphics on this train. The sticker looks like it was printed out on an InkJet printer using Label stock and cut out by hand with an exacto knife...what do you think?

[Image: ntitled.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Muddy Poppins
This is one i had in my cart to pre-order recently then it became out of stock.  i am sort of glad now.   Big Grin
[-] The following 1 user Likes ripley802's post:
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What were they thinking? Stickers are acceptable (prefer none) at a minimum but when one can cast a shadow, which can be plainly seen on the bottom edge, then the paper stock is way too thick. Then to top it off they used a white paper backing without using a Laser Cutter to make the cuts conform to the graphics printed on it.. Why they didn't use clear vinyl backing with Laser Cutting Technology is baffling me. In every video and picture that is starting to show up now its so obvious and stands out like a sore thumb. Sorry Plarail, you dropped the ball on this one thing on an otherwise beautiful model.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Darn, I’m pretty disappointed! I got this for my daughter and I’ve already paid for it.

Oh well...!
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Oh, I don't believe that this sticker is a deal breaker as the train itself is quite nice. If I had one I probably would make a decal on clear waterslide paper and remove this one. Since the area where it is placed is white the clear decal image should come out good color wise.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Are you sure that sticker isn't just on the pre-production models for an expo or something - you know missed the initial prototype run, they may incorporate it into the tampo printing on the real thing...
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
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One could only hope thats the reason Nigels but it seems like all the photos and videos that are popping up know shows that thick sticker including from this well known Plarail YouTuber who seems like he starts talking about the sticker at the 2:39 minute mark but I don't understand Japanese so I am not sure it he is talking about being disappointed with it or not. Maybe someone here can translate that portion for us. I also can't tell if the face he shows in his video Thumbnail shows he is disappointed and the reason he is not smiling.

[Image: poititled.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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