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2019 Plarail New Releases - very cool. :-)
These guys came in the mail today.  I was shocked as they were not slated to be here until Thursday but they came today in two separate packages.  I am thinking of ordering another of the C62 sets, just knowing the last C62 sound set is pretty rare.  

[Image: 02180-C9-D-8-C4-E-4-B82-A5-E4-C1870-C6356-C3.jpg]

[Image: 60791921-C086-4-FBD-8183-769-A7477-D39-E.jpg]

[Image: CF589-E71-369-B-4-F46-B9-C4-8-B2-EBDE8-F155.jpg]

[Image: 4-CF98-BBF-634-D-4359-B9-DD-247-ED59-C48-E8.jpg]

[Image: DC16-A7-CA-E8-FF-45-D4-905-D-24039-C452166.jpg]
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Very nice Ripley, so nice to see you receiving big packages again. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin 

I take it the E235 uses the activation tracks too. Does it make sounds and have lights? Are these activation tracks universal? Can the E235's be used with the C-62 and vice versa? Can they also be used with the Talk and Action trains and the TnA tracks be used with these??
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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Dang, that’s a nice haul! I’m sorry I missed Yong Bao in preorder but I’m looking forward to getting the C62 set.
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Thanks guys. Super, to be determined if they are universal, but it oooks like they may be. I think there may be a few other sets that use this track too that was just released. It seems like it may work with the TnA engines, but I will need to test that out too.

Here is what the package contents of the 235 states:
※ rail other than action rail, scene parts are not included in this product.

E235 Yamanote Line 3-Car Formation (1)
Station action rail (1)
Level crossing action rail (1)
Car Wash Place Action Rail (1)
Instruction manual (1)
Seal (1)

I don’t believe there are lights on this one. I hope to have a video soon.
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Nice package. The E235 looks really nice. How do those red sound activation rails work? I have some old Thomas musical rails that are green - I'm pretty sure those are mechanical. Are these the same?
These are the same in general as the Talk n Action track. I have not yet compared them side by side, but the track is designed to cause and action or sound.
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