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Plarail E235 Sound and Light Train (Talk n Action - kind of..)
Here is the new E235 which has Sound and Lights and comes with three pieces of track similar to the new C62 set that was released.  The interesting thing about these two sets is the track that comes with the E235 set is numbered 2,3, and 6, while the C62 set comes with 1, 3,4,and 5.  Part 1 shows the 3 track pieces that come with the set.  Then part two I used the track from the C62 set.  

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Interesting. I can't make it out in the video (old man ears) but does the train make a new sound when crossing the 1, 4 & 5 track from the C62 set? If it does then is the opposite true for the C62 crossing the 2 & 6 rail from the E235 set?

My mind says that we have seen a new, maybe yet to be released, Thomas set that uses these tracks but of course I could be wrong. If there is one I wonder if the tracks will be numbered differently. I don't remember seeing videos for the original TnA trains that make those 'clicking' sounds when passing of an activation that right? Do these new ones use an entirely different sensor under the engine?

I see the train room looks cleaned up, will we see a new Layout soon?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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I still need to try the C62 with the track pieces from the E235 set, but it appears that the track pieces (with the exception of #3 which comes in both sets) make different sounds/have different actions.

I do not recall seeing a new Thomas with these tracks but there are a couple others which use them that were just released. One of which I am eyeing.. :-)

The TnA do make a clicking type sound when the activation happens which seems to me maybe not as loud as the ones. This may be due to the placement. For the TnA it is under the rear wheels, however the new it is under the front section.

The train room is a work in progress.. I picked up a bit to make the videos but there is still a large section to clean up. I would love to get another layout done but with summer coming up; who knows. Undecided
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Ahhh...summer [Image: splashing-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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