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some of my edits
well I did an edit this time of an obscure locomotive 'Norte 1672 Varela de Montes' its a train that's in a autonomous community in Spain. that being Galicia. having their own language that's Galician which is similar to Portuguese but isn't. I did this as I think the engine looks beautiful and its quite obscure as most know Spain for bulls and football and not much although my mom happens to be from one of these communities so I thought it was special 
the locomotive in question
[Image: montes.jpg]
and my edit (not my image) 
[Image: montes.png]

I used a 2012 James side image of a eBay listing for this as I have a James of this type but its in terrible shape and one thing I would do differently is I would make the tender using one of these log cars as they are short I would take the top off and make a new one out of scratch 
[Image: 20220710-164030.jpg]
overall these would not be ease and require modifying to make it a reality and thought a James would work right.
I liked tomy ever since I found out about it
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I do love the look of that 'Norte 1672 Varela de Montes' steamer 👍
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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