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tmr releases
hello everyone, i hope all of you are enjoying this holiday season.

i have a question about the tmr trains.

what are your favorites?

i for one am especially fond of the "copper diesel" Big Grin

maybe it is because of the "diesel hard at work" set. Huh

maybe it is just because I think it is neat. Big Grin
it is really hard to pick a particular one. I generally like tankers and trucks that can flip
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yes leyland.

i myself thought about it for awhile.

a long while! the problem is the tmr releases are so abundant!

you can't appreciate one, because their are several others that become released.

but every time I  look at this particular diesel....

i find it hard to look away

maybe it is because of the face-changing toby at the copper mine set?

when one has been collecting as long as i have...
one can see what is in the present.. and therefore..

can tie it into the past?

the crazy thing is... that this tmr set is so ridiculously cheap.
i mean 9usd?
What are "tmr trains???
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Judging by the context given, I believe he is referring to trackmaster.
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Is this a new line of trains? Forgive me if I don't know much about the Thomas releases.
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I think the "TMR" acronym was used in UCWEPN's initial thread way back when for new trackmaster revolution trains. That was running assumption, though I defer to Trevor369, who created this particular thread.
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So tmr stands for Trackmaster Revolution...of course. It looked so different to me in all small letters and for the fact that the original poster did not use the meaning of the acronym first.
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Just don't mix up TMR with Thomas Motorized Railway, unless we make a clear rule that anytime abbreviations are used, we never mention Thomas!
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In any article or Post abbreviations and/or acronyms should only be used after the full meaning is given so there is no confusion.

In this case I am not sure if the original Poster means tmr is..

Trackmaster Revolution
Trackmaster Motorized Railway
Thomas Motorized Railway

maybe all of these are the same.
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