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Unrecorded Phantom Gems
6th Generation Box: ライト付きD-51機関車 - Missing from Plarail Musuem 6th generation box section. I have never seen this box before. Its crazy that this existed. A front switch D-51 in the new power generation, with light. That's right, a front switch Plarail SL with lights.

[Image: i-img1080x720-1587261150yo3nfy2538.jpg][Image: i-img1080x720-15872611892ck1ai664210.jpg]
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Wow, that is a perfect condition box for being so old.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Vio
(04-19-2020, 02:31 PM)Vio Wrote: This prototype 211系 in the 60th Anniversary site & 1987 catalogue had different windows than the 211系 that are released before, and is never released in the market before.

[Image: EV7-UKX9-Uw-AELr-ID.png]

These guys are in too.

[Image: 1.jpg][Image: EV8-GTz-CUEAILLj6.jpg]
   Window Design Prototype      Linear Express Prototype

Question is how did MLU00X1 become JEX 007, blue become red, and Linear Express become Linear Motor Car. What kind of prototype was entirely scrapped from base design to catalogue design? The answer is it was not realised because of the painting cost. It seems that there is only 1 printed of each type, and it is the ultimate Phantom Gem because there is only 1 in the world. (But that won't be counted because it is not released to the public)
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I like that MLU00X1, its different and I am all about being different. Was that originally modeled after a real train?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Yes it is. In 1988 there is a MLU00X1 - MLU00X2,
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Thanks Vio, sure wish they had made a few more Plarails to give at least a minor chance at getting one.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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White rails made in Japan, they have the grooves of today's rails. It is the first time that we are seeing one today. Made in China rail still under inspection.

[Image: EWNTt-G5-UMAAo8w-M.jpg][Image: EWSAyy-RVc-AESwgw.jpg][Image: EWSAzdr-U4-AEH6ts.jpg]
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Aren’t those white pieces from the snow blower set...I think it comes with white trees too.
Play nice & have fun!!Smile
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In addition to the Snowblower set, white ones also came with the Snow Country Rail Set in the more modern times.

[Image: img55bd82629862e-l.jpg]

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
No Muddy, that snowblower set does not have white straight rails.
The only one made in Japan is the C12.ロータリーじょせつしゃ set, but has no white straight rails.
The other snowblower sets are not made in Japan. So it is impossible to say that the white rails from Japan came from these sets.

[Image: 555555.png]

Blue Made In China rail could come from the already known phantom gems Chinese Plarail sets.
But that looks like a Gray rail, so that one is under investigation. If anyone has the Yurikamome Set and it's Gray rails, I'm begging you to post them here. (because our team is not sure whether Yurikamome Set made in China during 1998 has sandpaper surface rails or not, and there is a controversy in our communications channel about this)

This is a Yurikamome Set, but images of the rails are so blur:
[Image: 7777.png][Image: 8888.png]
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I think the white rails came from here:
The station has grooves on the rails, so I might safely estimate that it came from here.
[Image: 666666.png]

A safer estimate would be from here, but with that Plarail logo and red TOMY logo, there is a good chance that the set was made in Japan or Thailand.

[Image: Untitled.png]

The grey rails are still under investigation.
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We all know that the existing phantom gem: Melody D-51, exists.
But Plarail Museum has stated that it was SL-02, but we have finally seen a SL-06 Melody D-51, and SL-06 is nowhere found in the museum. We will find out what really is SL-02 then.

[Image: 1111.png]
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Sorry, these were supposed to be here. I wasn't paying attention.

[Image: 1111.png]
(03-20-2020, 04:41 PM)Vio Wrote: Disclaimer: Images are not mine.

Not a vehicle, sorry to disappoint. Ranch Set, 1970. is not recorded in the Plarail Museum, and it has surfaced to social media just yesterday after 50 odd years.

It disappeared after only 5 months in 1970, and no records are found anywhere. To get this catalogue image, you need to attend a venue during the early 1970s. Whats even more scary is that the house blocks from the phantom gem Project X theme made it's final appearance here. Also the beloved sakura trees that were described as a "mirage" made it's first and only appearance in this set. So it is a phantom gem within a phantom gem.

This is a very hidden Phantom Gem in Plarail and it is definitely even more rare than up to half of the recorded Phantom Gems. It is so rare, that no one during this time recalled the original packaging. This is the only Plarail which packaging is unknown even until today. This set is estimated to be 70000 yen for an incomplete set as shown below. It is said that most Plarail collectors never heard of this set before, and the minority who knew about the set would go all the way to collect each individual junk condition piece to recreate the set. The house blocks, pink sakura tree and the 4 ranch girders are the ultimate rarities. This journey of collecting made many collectors cry on their blogs.

This is the first ever recorded English source of the Ranch Set, this post.

[Image: ETegq-HPVAAASr-Pt.jpg]

[Image: ETegq-HQVAAAp-EJM.jpg]

And finally the catalogue image of the ranch set. That took a long time to find. The catalogue itself is a phantom gem, where almost no surviving copies are kept. Someone excavated the only surviving copy today just 2 hours ago.

[Image: 1111.png]
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Never seen before 2nd generation Red White Hikari-Go Set, 1968/1969 (we do not know exactly, but for sure 68/69 because of 2nd generation Red White Hikari-Go). Not found in Plarail Musuem. Our team and an allied warehouse owner will bid full force on this so prepare to see it's final price to be more than 60000 yen. We will win this for sure, so we declare a bid war here.

[Image: i-img1200x900-15897153760pfmmp189029.jpg][Image: i-img1200x900-1589715376sqhxn3189029.jpg]
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