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Unrecorded Phantom Gems
The roots of all 4 items were found recently, which predates back to 1950 Keystone TOT Railroad. Now we put all 2 headers in.

[Image: Egg-S-w-JVo-AAyutf.jpg][Image: Egg-S-w-GU8-AAIt4p.jpg]
[Image: Egg-S-x3-Uc-AIxz-KY.jpg][Image: Egg-S-1-WUYAA8n-Qu.jpg]
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(08-22-2020, 12:02 AM)Vio Wrote: Finally, the EC-01 box which was unconfirmed for 44 years appeared in the internet. If you check what was EC-01 on the museum, it will show the 4th generation Densha Box. This one is the 5th generation box.

[Image: Ef8ar1k-Uc-AITt3r.png]

Finally, after 42 years, the header is confirmed. A navy blue header EC-01 manufactured in G-27 (1978) which is one year later than the Densha Box version manufactured in G-26 (1977). From here, the 2 generations: 4th gen Densha Box and 5th gen EC box, are manufactured during the same time. It is a miracle that these 2 generations coexist.

[Image: Eglv8-Sl-Uw-AE6u-OK.jpg]
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Before we start, an advertisement:
We are celebrating 9300 thread views with this post. Check out my blog: for more case closed and confirmed research topics, some research notes are inside personal collection articles. Active research topics are not discussed in blog, but discussed on a hidden Discord server, and publicly available on Twitter after confirming their existence from official TOMY manufacturing.
Also the YouTube channel: has covered some research topics for the Panorama Express sets.


Back to main topic, introducing:


Panorama Express replaced Shindai Express for unknown reasons. You can see that the initial lighter cream colour Shindai Express was printed in the box art, so this Panorama Express should have been in it's final stages of production as seen in the type of drive wheel. I have covered another set "パノラマとっきゅう基本No.3セット" in the past, where the Panorama Express replaced L Limited Express. In the contents list on the box cover, Shindai Express and L Limited Express respectively was printed, not Panorama Express. I have that set, so I'm able to confirm it's existence.

A view from our team: The seller intentionally replaced the vehicle.

There is no solid evidence, but it's existence is confirmed. So another active case is on.

[Image: m25683157525-1.jpg][Image: m25683157525-2.jpg]
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It is a cool set. I see that this set is missing the tubing and aspirator bulb which I think is quite common with this vinatge set.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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I saw this one on Mecari and it was sold straight away. Must've sold within an hour or half an hour of the listing being up there. Just shows you how often I check
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How much did it go for?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I have registered around 3620 keywords on Yahoo, Mercari, and other websites so I know when strange stuff comes out the instant they are listed. I didn't buy that particular set because our team have that set already (with the Shindai Express).

It went for 5333 yen, sold at the 7th minute after listing.

About the パノラマとっきゅう基本No.3セット, I made a video on that one: . This one was a legitimate manufacture reuse set.
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(09-12-2020, 10:04 AM)Vio Wrote: I have registered around 3620 keywords on Yahoo, Mercari, and other websites

Wow...that is impressive. Lets see...I have a total of '0' keywords anywhere...maybe thats why I don't get everything I want. Undecided
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Mister No, Vio, Finno
I don't even know how to register keywords somewhere! Big Grin
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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  • Finno
You need a certain third party program to do that, you can't register in Yahoo and Mercari. Some are monthly paid services with image functionality and proper notifications, or you can develop API yourself to return only the title of the listing as a notification. Of course paid apps has better looking notifications and proper image tracking, but I prefer it the cheap way out.

The reason why 3600 over keywords is because each seller can list the exact same Plarail product with a different name. For example: 転車台 (Turntable) can be written as てんしゃだい or てんしゃ台 or ターンテーブル. And 寝台特急 (Shindai Express) can be listed as ドボソ in the Mie dialect, and しんだいとっきゅう. This 3600 over keywords list is still growing today

I am an app developer who deals with aggressive self-learning API that registers thousands of seller patterns, it can be somewhat called artificial intelligence. So I use my API libraries to store keywords, and everytime a new listing is listed, the app sends notifications to my own mobile device. However not every listing with unusual content gets detected because the seller just writes Plarail "プラレール" or simple writes mass bulk "大量セット". Say if I register "大量セット", it will return garbage listings with common junk so it is excluded from the list.
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Ah...thats how you do it. Smile
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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I'm getting really old. I was lost at "certain third party program". Big Grin
My YouTube Channel: Mister No
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(05-18-2020, 09:37 AM)Vio Wrote: Never seen before 2nd generation Red White Hikari-Go Set, 1968/1969 (we do not know exactly, but for sure 68/69 because of 2nd generation Red White Hikari-Go). Not found in Plarail Musuem. Our team and an allied warehouse owner will bid full force on this so prepare to see it's final price to be more than 60000 yen. We will win this for sure, so we declare a bid war here.

[Image: i-img1200x900-15897153760pfmmp189029.jpg][Image: i-img1200x900-1589715376sqhxn3189029.jpg]

FINALLY FOUND after 5 months!!! I wrote in my blog about this set, and have been searching tirelessly for it's catalogue existence ever since the first time it auctioned. Catalogue image of the ちょうとっきゅうひかり号ニューセット is excavated for the first time!!!

[Image: Ek-Txa-q-Uw-AEa-5z.jpg]

(06-02-2020, 04:42 AM)Vio Wrote: Blue D-51 Kisha Set, that is the first time I have seen one. Not recorded in museum so far, it seems it was manufactured from 1970-1974. Lets include that here.

[Image: 253647856.png][Image: 6485.png]

Same catalogue as the Hikari New Set above, this is for Blue D51 Set.

[Image: Ek-TDou-ZVg-AMac-Oi.jpg]
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でんどうちょうとっきゅうひかりごうセットNO.1 is a set thought to contain the first generation Hikari-Go was believed to have existed before the 1970s, but the existence is unconfirmed in the catalogues and in the internet. The reason why we think it exists is because でんどうちょうとっきゅうひかりごうセットNO.2 exists.

[Image: Untitled.png]

- - -

I have found the ancestor of the ちょうとっきゅうひかりごうNo.1セット from the catalogues. It is the でんどうひかりごうNO.1セット. However no images of its existence can be found in the internet, only found in the catalogues. The reason why it is said to be the ancestor is because the layout looks the same, but the generation of the Hikari-Go is different. Different catalogue from the ones above. This is quite a hidden unrecorded gem.

[Image: Ek-Ul-Ueu-Vo-AE0k0f.png][Image: 111111.png]
             1968-1969?                             1970
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I must admit that some of these sets look the same as others you have talked about here. Maybe because the box graphics are very similar if not the same?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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