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several months worth of tomy finds
I decided that while new Zealand is in lockdown, I would share some finds and buys from the last few months.

AOF put me onto this item listed on our local auction site. I had been looking for it for several years, so was delighted to be able to grab it for a reasonable price. 
diesel and lady are attached by a string. you pull diesel back, the string winds him back in and they both roll forwards
[font][Image: P1120085.jpg][/font]

[font]i got this wind up from a weekend market. the top moves up and down.[/font]
[Image: P1120292.jpg]

these are also via AOF. they were on the auction as a pick up only not far from where AOF lives. he was kind enough to collect and send them up.
[Image: P1120293.jpg]

this came from a local charity shop. a bit yellowed, but nice enough to display
[Image: P1120319.jpg]

this again came from the auction site. the seller was atrocious and it took almost a month for it to arrive. I had to place a poor feedback to finally get a reply to multiple emails.
[Image: P1120471.jpg]

another from the charity shop. yes, I am a sucker for rescuing the battered and broken.
[Image: P1120473.jpg]
my website address has changed:
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