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a MINI addition
I have been determined since around November to get my minis "need list" under control. since I started working consistent hours again, I was able to make brilliant inroads thanks to amazon. I am now down to 16 needed to be 100% up to date.
I also added a number more, but cant find their photos at present. these include the beach 30pk, spring basket, happy holidays 10pk, power rangers 9pk, DC batman no-eyes 4pk.

the fizz n go mega pack
[Image: P1120084.jpg]

light up Emily and james
[Image: P1120108.jpg]
[Image: P1120110.jpg]

light up Charlie and rosie
[Image: P1120112.jpg]
[Image: P1120114.jpg]

light up Stephen and Thomas
[Image: stephen.jpg]
[Image: thomas.jpg]

light up ben and percy
[Image: ben.jpg]
[Image: percy.jpg]

light up Flynn and belle
[Image: P1120440.jpg]
[Image: P1120441.jpg]

2018 advent calendar
[Image: advent.jpg]

new releases from the 2019 advent calendar [not including the four in the middle back, which are light ups]
[Image: P1120128.jpg]

fizz n go percy
[Image: P1120139.jpg]
[Image: percyfizz.jpg]
[Image: P1120442.jpg]

fizz n go Thomas [wave one]
[Image: P1120141.jpg]
[Image: thomasfizz1.jpg]
[font][Image: thomasfizz2.jpg][/font]

[font]I am pleased with the next two items, fisher-price kept the slime separate from the rest of the toy. the engines, animals and crates all glow. I am missing salty from the set.[/font]

thomas slimy cargo surprise
[Image: P1120481.jpg]

scruff slimy cargo surprise
[Image: P1120484.jpg]

wave 2020/1 !!! we found these while travelling last weekend at a supermarket in a small town a few hours north. it was lucky, as we weren't going to stop in, but decided at the last second to have a look for hotwheels. no cars, but found a full box of these instead!
photo shows the new additions to my collection only, not the 6 or 7 repeats I already had [rainbow Thomas was one that eluded myself and AOF last year from wave 3]
[Image: P1120578.jpg]

fizz n go Thomas wave two
[Image: P1120601.jpg]
[Image: P1120603.jpg]
[Image: P1120605.jpg]

fizz n go nia [missing nia and bunny due to amazon stuff up]
[Image: P1120615.jpg]

[Image: P1120617.jpg]
my website address has changed:
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#2 sure have been busy Sun. With all these and stuff from you other Posts is there no stopping you Big Grin Smile
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

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