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C-62汽笛入り Interior Reveal
As mentioned in the other threads, this C-62 is released in 1978 for less than a year. The interior will be published on the internet for the first time.

[Image: EW1-Kr4c-Uc-AIa-PPG.jpg][Image: EW1-Kr4e-U0-AAxs-NG.jpg][Image: EW1-Kr4f-UEAE5ih.jpg][Image: EW1-Kr4g-VAAIv-WQ5.jpg]

0. The wires reach all the way from the double AA battery tender car to the motor with long blue and black wire.
1. The tubular shaped motor is in the front, just behind the switch.
2. The whistling box and gear box is at the back.
3. The whistle outlet is below the motor.
4. The whistle system uses an automatic lever to open and close the whistle hole.
5. The motor is not replaceable and repairable (can't be taken out of the chassis)
6. There are only 13 surviving units found in the world for now.
It is an amazing design. Thanks for the pictures.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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Whistle gimmick is fixed:
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Can you hear the whistle better in real life and not in video where the cameras microphone sensitivity may amplify the motor roar Vio?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Both sounds are louder in real life, I tried using split sound channels when recording but the sounds just unfortunately blend in too well to be separated since the whistle and the motor is too close to each other.
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