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A fuse and a capacitor?
I know there was a thread made about this about a year ago, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s right to reply to such an old thread, and as such I’ll be making a new one. My June 2002 Tomica World Henry is rather interesting. As I was opening him up to give him a clean, the first thing that jumped out at me was...

[Image: F8936596-46-A0-460-D-8-D6-E-6-EAA8912-A3-E4.jpg]

A small TNA styled fuse inside the tender! Already that was an oddity and I was excited, but then when I took apart the engine...

[Image: F4499345-2943-47-E0-900-F-393881695228.jpg]

A small capacitor. I had heard of the fuse before, but never a capacitor. From what I’ve gathered this was a very short lived revision, before all the trains were retooled slightly in 2003. If anyone knows better than me, I would love to hear it.
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I actually recall seeing the capacitor on drive units of this type before (apparently the only type to use them). My Flip Face James has one and so does my original Edward, but I didn't know about the fuse. If it does have to do with a retool in 2003, I can only assume HiT Toys brought the fuses/capacitors back after TOMY versions no longer had them.
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We really don't mind old Threads being brought back especially if there is information or questions relevant. I do recall discussing this (maybe Ripley?) before but without the original Thread I can't remember for sure. Posting a Link to that Thread would be helpful for me and maybe others.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I have a thread I started after finding one in an Edward here
I don't think I ever opened the front of Edward to know if he had a capacitor or not. I know the Talk n Action engines also use them, although that makes more sense to me where back-EMF from the motor would hit the talking circuit board, not just the battery. Seeing as this is also the timeframe of the Talk n Action engines I wonder if perhaps they borrowed the fuse and cap idea to implement some additional (if mostly unwarranted, as discussed in the other thread) safety precautions, and dropped them after they stopped stocking fuses/caps when Talk n Action was replaced or for cost reduction.
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Thanks Duck

I still seem to remember something else about a capacitor or something like it attached to the positive and negative terminals of the motor.
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