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Layout Error Verification
Blue was single item and set.
Green was in set only. Has dark green base, light green slope.
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Ah Ha...there is still fires burning in my brain...I am not done yet Big Grin

Thanks Vio.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • violater
Radio Control, I Am A Driver, Blue Train back box layout

During this time, there were no big bridges for double track system. I used a similar bridge just to show you how the top part does not connect. Moreover, the bridge during this time was never advertised to be placed on the first generation double track piers. The 1st generation bridge (late mold) as in my demonstration and the 2nd generation bridge as in the box layout is only for single track usage.

[Image: Eo-Jmjo1-Uc-AE31hm.jpg][Image: Eo-Jmjpl-Vk-AMh-EFT.jpg][Image: Eo-Jmjsh-Vo-AA5-XWh.jpg][Image: Eo-Jmjxi-UUAEq7j5.jpg]
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  • chrisjo, Super
Wow, you have a keen eye spotting that way in the back. It was ingenious of someone at Plarail to make those 2 top pieces and the bottom center piece do double duty in the modern Iron bridges to make it a single or double wide.

On another note: do those red gantry's really stay up on the edges of the old yellow piers or do they flop off? Doesn't look like much to hold on to.
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  • violater
Those gantries are clipped on the rail, not the pier. It is impossible without the rail.
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I didn't know they held onto the rails very tightly, thanks Vio Smile
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • violater
In the D-51りったいだいてっきょうセット, the pier base are missing in the front box layout. It was very hard to spot it.
How I found out: I saw that the box contents list has 10 はしげたベース (pier base). In the instructions, the はしげたベース is placed under the legs of the piers. However the box shows no はしげたベース.

[Image: D51-daittekyo-box.jpg][Image: Untitled.png]

I also got these りったいはしげた today in a second hand shop by extreme luck. When I tried to place a rail on it, it was highly unstable and explained why it needed the pier base.

[Image: Eo2-C36-UUc-AAr-FD0.jpg]

Bonus content:

[Image: Eo4i-Ejt-WEAADymh.jpg][Image: Eo4jxn7-W4-AAji7x.jpg][Image: Eo4i-Ena-WEAUYKZH.jpg]

2 auxiliary blocks are needed to make the old piers the same height as the りったいはしげた.
1 auxiliary block is needed to make the current block pier the same height as the りったいはしげた.
Benkei still could not pass underneath the りったいはしげた properly as the funnel is touching the pier.

I wrote a blog post to summarise today's events:
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  • chrisjo
That is interesting about those orange Piers and how they are even taller than the modern ones. Wonder how any slopes would work with them. I can also see why they are not stable to stand on their own and would really have a hard time if the Layout was on carpet.

I see these yellow things on the back of the box but don't know what it says.

[Image: D51-daittekyo-box.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
I was thinking about the slopes too, but they just don't fit the dimensions especially if the slope rail have legs as they appear to float above the ground.

These are 12 レールおさえ, they are rail connectors that have to be placed on rails that are on top of the piers or below the piers if they want to slope up. If rails are placed on the piers without the connectors, the rails will wobble and slip off the piers.
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Thanks Vio. You sure are coming up with interesting things Smile
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