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Problems with talk n action Thomas and Tomy Henry
Huh Hello there, Im having problems with two of my tomy engines. My talk n action Thomas doesn't seem to activate the green track pieces that play the different phrases and as of recently he no longer moves. All he will do is play the normal sound chip and theme and his motor just makes a wrring noise. Henry is a similar situation with the motor yet he runs. His gear that's supposed to be attached to his axel just stays in place when the main driver rolls thus he doesn't have traction when going through corners or pulling wagons. It doesn't help that one screw on Henry and Thomas doesn't want to come out causing my screw driver to just spin. Im at the end of my chain with this and I just want my models to work. I'd be willing to send them to someone to fix if they are up for it, or if anyone has any idea on how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, if anyone reads this  Sleepy
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Sounds as if both have cracked gears, they aren't too hard to fix
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Look up a guy on you tube called

Custom Thomas Michael Arnett

Go back about 2 years in his videos and he has about 9 videos of how to pull apart these trains and put them back together correctly.
I found these very helpfully when I first fixed a few of mine.
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Interesting that Thomas whirrs but doesn't make it to the output of the gearbox, probably a different gear then the usual gear which cracks (as it has on Henry). I have had some success with some 3D printed gears but "toy plastic gear kits" from Amazon or eBay are probably the better way to go.

Most likely the switch contact inside the bump reader is not making great contact from hitting the same place over and over combined with most likely sitting for several years somewhere along the line, probably needs to be taken apart and cleaned but sometimes a nice tough blow into the switch mechanism can be a temporary fix.

I've been working on a whole lot of TnA repairs recently, and had to drill out a screw that that been corroded completely by battery acid and stripped away when I went to take it out
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Hello Read and welcome to BPT's

I have never had any of these let alone work on one. In addition to the options given here by our members there is the option of contacting YouTuber 'Custom Trackmasters' who now doing repairs. He says he doesn't charge anything to do the repairs except for parts and return shipping. You could contact him to find out if he can repair your TnA's he is located in Ohio USA.
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