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Battery Corrosion
Around last Christmas I ordered a massive Tomy Thomas and Friends lot and got 4-5 trains from it and around 2-3 actually worked. When I took the battery covers off I noticed a ton of corrosion in the battery compartment and was wondering if anyone knew possibly how to fix or get rid of the corrosion
Hope everyone has a great day Heart
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If you Google "how to remove battery corrosion" you'll get about 16,000,000 results. Most of the top ones appear to involve vinegar/lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda.  I prefer to use these in combination with a fine wire brush followed by a glassfibre eraser pen.
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There's also a thread on here in the Modification Guide with a video on how to remove Battery Corrosion easily if that helps.
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In addition to the suggestions above, the YouTuber 'Custom Trackmasters' has many videos of his repairing battery corrosion.
Custom Trackmasters


What is this " glassfibre eraser pen ", and what is it used for? I have not heard of this.
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(02-25-2021, 02:04 PM)Super Wrote: What is this " glassfibre eraser pen ", and what is it used for? I have not heard of this.
I originally came across these in the days before computer plotters when geological maps and charts were drawn by hand with a Rotring ink pen on Mylar (polyester) film. The glass fibre eraser pen was used for - erasing.  However they are still going strong, for example:

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In my Drafting days we had battery operated erasers that did have different grades of replaceable eraser sticks that would work on paper or mylar but I haven't heard the term, Glass Fibre eraser before, in fact I can't seem to find out much about them here in the States. Could that just be a term you call them in the UK? If I remember correctly the replaceable eraser sticks back then were about 6" long.
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Try "fiberglass scratch brush".
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Thanks Dr Chris

Wasn't what I was expecting as I kept thinking of an eraser. I had seen the ones that have the steel and brass wire in them but had not known about the nylon and fiberglass ones.
Scratch Brush Pen Set
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