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Information on This?
Anyone have information about this train set? We have had this set since the beginning of our playing with these trains. It was the first set we had seen with a bullet train and many coaches and it was from an American seller. I am not sure the name but I see them on the Japan Auctions going for quite a lot. Is this rare or a limited edition? Anyone know?

[Image: 001_zpsde9d62f6.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • HankAmericanEngine
no clue, sorry. its a great set though! i have a set that looks similar but only has one middle car

[Image: redbridgeset6.jpg]

[Image: redbridgeset2.jpg]
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Howdy Super!

The set you've got looks to be a formerly standard release in the Plarail Shops in Japan! Some of the bullet trains that are released in a pack giving them those four coaches with the motorized engine and tail engine without any track; however, the one you have is one that was released with some track as an add-on accessory including a full train. Most of the reason why the price goes sky-high for this set is because that engine and its consist are heavily rare to find like that, being a six car train and all; most of the time, the train is retailed like sunhuntin's three car consist.
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  • sunhuntin
Many thanks for the help guys. It looks like this may be a variation of the Shinkansen 100 and called Fresh Green?

It does look similar to Sunhuntns set but upon closer looks the cars are different in where the doors are, maybe a bit longer & the paint scene on the sides looks to be in a different spot. The front nose foil under the train has some detail and there is no black roof pantograph and there seems to be a bit more detail to the roof.
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  • sunhuntin
yes, there are very slight differences. mine is called a shinkansen kodama. for some reason, i love these trains with green on them. always get drawn to the green on jauce.
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