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DalaGStanator's Customs, Mods and Experiments
[Image: 9-ADF566-B-D671-46-F3-AB1-E-C703318-B0478.jpg][Image: 6-E2-BCFA1-A196-4-D2-E-9018-7-EC2-A4-B9-BC9-D.jpg][Image: 417-E3-DFE-7-B27-44-B6-87-E3-1-C5-DE73-A5700.jpg][Image: D7-A22-BD6-244-D-454-B-9-F96-015-B18-E61-CBF.jpg]

Got round to start making some sort of chassis for the NG engines, naturally starting with Rusty. It was made in much the same way as the ones on the car bodies, with paper bearings on the very bottom. The wheels are four (very) old plastic beads from an unknown source that I repainted black, which I most likely won't have enough of for making good numbers of rolling stock. He rolls better than he did with wick tabs and clay and is light enough to be pushed by the Junior Train loco on various surfaces, but not on the track system. The chassis is currently held using Blu Tack to make it removable, in case I'll have to adjust it before it becomes permanent (such as trimming the axles to lower the main body). Couplings will not be added until all the others will have their own chassis. For the steam engines, I'll have to find a similar wheel material in a somewhat bigger diameter, with the rear drivers being flatter to allow inserting coupling rods. The (fake) trailing wheels on Skarloey and Peter Sam could be replaced with the type used for Rusty. If I had wheels from Thomas Minis, they would've been the exact type I need for the steam drivers.

[Image: EE46-C703-6-F24-4864-B8-AB-7-EFF955-A8047.jpg][Image: F166999-B-167-F-453-C-99-C3-5-DC581-E76099.jpg]

The first engines to get printed nameplates and numbers were Rheneas and Duncan. However, that was only because theirs were printed correctly while those of the other four were "wiped out" on paper. Once I'll get new colour ink, I'll print them out and apply them the same way. I'm a bit surprised they turned out perfectly readable in such a small scale, but they're (unsurprisingly) much clearer than their handwritten predecessors. Those were painted on with a pen and were always prone to smearing off, which gave me another good reason to do it besides the inverted colours.
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[Image: 7-E51-AAA5-3267-441-F-B319-0-A840-EA83479.jpg][Image: 357041-DB-DF24-4-EC7-A6-C4-95-FA3-E15-BB6-D.jpg][Image: 97132-ECE-F514-4861-A58-C-3-AC40464-C7-A5.jpg][Image: 5-A6-A482-A-8-AD4-41-B1-AE8-C-0-DEC063-DBF29.jpg][Image: 62296-E73-D5-D6-4-C99-B24-D-DC5-EAC9562-B0.jpg]
Thanks to the new ink cartridges, I was able to print out the remaining nameplates and numbers. One of Sir Handel's handwritten nameplates peeled off some of his paint when I removed it, but Peter Sam didn't have the same issue (he was painted with a unique mixture, so I almost glued the printed ones over the handwriting). The only new detail I'm not satisfied with is Rusty's #5, because the handwritten ones looked bigger and clearer. All printed details are glued on with the same glue used for building the models themselves.

[Image: 0-D5-D41-B2-FBC0-4-EFD-9-A0-B-02217-C7-E150-A.jpg][Image: E7-AEABAE-E735-4-B6-E-8-CF3-1-DD45-A63-E3-A5.jpg]

The shade of blue used for the cap on my custom Noddy was too dark and looked near purple (even for the '92 version), so it's been painted over with the one I used for Sir Handel. While it didn't exactly blend in with the old shade as intended, it still looks a lot closer to the actual versions of him.
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I love that Noddy figure LaG :)
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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