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layout ideas please?
(08-27-2014, 09:28 AM)Super Wrote: I know of what you are talking about, not the accident part but quite a few near misses back in my chopper days. I always thought the bikes with side cars looked clumsy to ride.

Yep, thats a Triumph Bonneville 650

[Image: scan0002_zpsa0e5e2cc.jpg]

Yeah I'm sure they were! My friend had one for a bit, it didn't have a handbrake so he had to leave it parked in gear all the time. He said it really struggled on corners where the road was rough. That's a great looking bonneville, did you chop it yourself?
I had a few bikes when I had my accident, I've always had a thing for 'under appreciated' classics, The bike I'd just fixed up was a 1969' Puch Ms50d, it wasn't in bad condition when I first got it
[Image: 82.jpg]

But I stripped it down replaced the chrome work and had it all painted,

[Image: ms50dexhaust8.jpg]

I was really happy with it until I was knocked off. Luckily(?) it came off better than my leg and I've still got it in the garage, my leg on the other hand I smashed up pretty badly

[Image: xray7.jpg]

[Image: xray10.jpg]

And I had to wear a metal frame for 16months! I'm pretty much ok now but I do walk with a limp,
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  • KumaChan
Oh my, 16 months in that brace, how terrible, how uncomfortable. So glad you are still alive. I love the look at the remodeled bike. Love the color and the front fender plate is awesome.

Yep, I totally chopped the Triumph myself. British bike lovers were outcasts in my days here in the USA, it was mostly hard starting, oil leaking Harleys. Bought a beat up Bonneville from a police auction cheap just for the motor. Had a wild idea of entering in a show but my chrome did not arrive in time for me to assemble it for the show. Don't think I would have done well but it was fun doing it. LOL, I have gone from modifying cars and motorcycles to modifying Tomy Trains. Smile
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
wow, im not surprised your wife put her foot down... i would have too, even as a biker myself. ive had one accident [will be 10 years october] and have the scars, but i got off lightly. my bike on the other hand... she started without issue after the wreck but she wasnt worth repairing, sadly.

the trumpy is a beaut! side cars, we dont see many of here. i remember seeing one come down a series of tight switch backs. when going up, i had to go right down to a stop basically and start from scratch. wouldnt have wanted to be in the downhill sidecar... whiplash central!
my website address has changed:
Yeah she put it down pretty firmly, although she still let's me pedal my mopeds about, this is me and my son ( on the first motorbike I ever bought)

[Image: null_zps4ea4b96f.jpg]

What bike do you ride sunhuntin? As for sidecars, here in the uk they are few and far between, I think they were mostly used in the 50's when people couldn't afford cars and needed to get the family about. Do you still have a bike super? I kept the first bike I owned (in the above picture) and the Puch I had my accident on, I'd like to restore it again one day, there is a transport museum local to me where I'd like to put it on display, but that's a while away yet, I've got a few cars I want to do first. Super, I bet there's a much bigger British bike scene now, I bet it's like the American bike scene in the UK, a couple of decades ago there wasn't one, but there is now, and it's getting bigger!
sidecars arent often seen here either, mostly attached to vintage bikes at events etc. we have street racing on dec 26 every year, and often get a good amount of pretty things.

heres my girl, a 98 yamaha virago xv250. shes just had a heart transplant [ignition switch]. ive had her since 2007

stopped a look-out near arthurs pass in the south island. the bird is a native parrot called a kea. they are really cheeky and have been known to strip wiper blades, door rubbers, aerials and all sorts off cars. thought they would try and steal my gloves but they didnt. just nibbled the clutch cable, pecked the mirror and used the tank as a slide.
[Image: burtfest07476Small.jpg]

my website address has changed:
Nice bikes! Bikes terrify me though lol.

That parrot sure liked your bike Big Grin
nothing to be scared off, chris. though i admit i hate being on the back these days. makes me feel a tad ill, specially with a rider who is too confident.

anyway, back on topic for a post or two, lol. we scrapped the open day since no advertising has been done, the layouts are a mess and im not in the mood to hang the curtains around the layouts [takes an hour or more, and then have to take them down, or else they get ripped]
this was decided after i had set up my lot, lol. but at least i got a test run with it and i have more ideas.

i only took double track. next time will take single. the way its set up here, both lines can be used by one loco. go from the inside and up to the station. go around the elevation area and down to the outside line. thats a UCWEPN special henry in the middle there.
[Image: GEDC1100.jpg]

will link up the two ends and then use something to fill the space in the middle, trees or something i guess
my website address has changed:
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  • ActionChugger
Lookin good. How about your Monorail in the middle too?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[-] The following 1 user Likes Super's post:
  • sunhuntin
thats an idea, super. could leave the time station off, since it takes up so much room. i think it will fit down the front where the double track is. monorail and trees. will dig out some plakids for the station too. will use a bit of that rubber cement stuff to hold them upright.
my website address has changed:
If you don't have enough monorail risers to take the place of the time station you could probably use one double length straight blue rail. Should give the layout some visual depth and height. You are going to like using the rubber cement and a must in case people bump into the table which is probably going to happen.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
[-] The following 1 user Likes Super's post:
  • sunhuntin
i have tried the monorail without the station before and it coped ok. will help fill that space, thats for sure! will be my first time using plakids like this, so looking forward to that. hehe.
open day should be end of next month, so will get more photos then.
my website address has changed:
Found 2 Japanese sites that look useful for those looking for layouts --

This site has layouts used in Plarail sets:

This site has more layouts using all kinds of different parts:
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  • Super
Wow, thanks Readmade, tons of layouts on those 2 sites.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

Those are great sites! As to the motorcycle conversation, I have 9 pins in my shoulder from a case at 35MPH.

But still didn't give up riding! A baby boy is what eventually ended that!

BTW I collected and restored vintage Vespa's and Lambrettas. I even owned a Puch at one time.

Thanks for the great read guys!
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  • Super
(02-16-2015, 02:45 AM)KumaChan Wrote: BTW I collected and restored vintage Vespa's and Lambrettas. I even owned a Puch at one time.

Ouch! Have any pictures of the bikes?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]

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