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Completed Talk N Action Percy Set
After only a few months of collecting the Talk N Action engines, I have managed to complete the full Percy set, with the British version arriving today in the post, I will make a post about what else came in the lot later, this is my 6th Talk N Action engine I have managed to acquire which means I am somewhat close to completing the set, the Japanese Percy looks the way it does as it has been dismantled for repair and may be used to fix the British version which is not moving but is talking, there is also a problem with the reader, hopefully I can fix this! -Dalek
[Image: IMG-2467.jpg]

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[Image: 795436713421701122.png?v=1]
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They look to be in great condition Dalek, are they good runners too?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Congratulations to you that you got talk n action Percy British version. Can I know where did you get him?
Jealous! Talk N actions never show up on Aus ebay aside from thomas But nice collection great seeing them all together the readers can be finicky from my expirence with my Thomas its usually just because its slightly ofset due to the spring and needs to be adjusted mostly due to age I assume.
All are runners except for the British version, though the motor starts the wheels do not turn, I will fix this if i can though

The American and Japanese versions were gifted to me by a friend as part of a trade, the British version I found on eBay in a bundle

that's a shame, though the British Thomas I believe is still relatively common over there due to a release there, I haven't yet opened up the Percy but I know for a fact you're likely to be correct

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[Image: 795436713421701122.png?v=1]
Ooh nice, congrats Dalek!

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