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Greetings: Feat 1999 Motor Tomica Infrared traffic Light
Big Grin 
Thank You For accepting me into this forums 😁

My short introduction to this plarail Tomica World was a few years back when a colleague gave present to my boy a set of unclomplete broken thomas train. This missing part of the rail was made me to search in the online market to make it complete, back then i realized that the blue track plastic rail same with the rail used for the shinkanzen plarail train released by takara tomy which is my boy so in love with it 

Pandemic COVID 19 Situation made me to work from home, and made me to see my boy every day played with his sihinkansen set, Since then, a boy hobby become a father & son hobby  😁 .... 

My interest especially on the structure set (rails, bridges, stations, traffic light, crossing, etc), and i start to stacking it back then since a few years back until my wife noticed in my work room there were plenty box that not yet opened consist of that plarail stuff 😁.... And then she said to me : When will you gonna play this stuff? i said later..... and after a while she get bored with my "later" answer, then he seduced me to open one by one the boxes and she gave me idea to construct it, then post it on the Youtube, so that i can enjoy it anytime by replaying it, rather than just to sit on the box... 😁...

So here is few of my work posted in my youtube, actually there are many more ideas pop into my head, but currently all things goes to normal (which is good) my time for this plarail become more stricted...but i hope you can enjoy it ...

1999 Motor Tomica Infrared Traffic Light :

Plarail monorail Time station D51 Black :

Takara tomy Plaroad Plarail Giant Iron bridge :

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Welcome to BluePlasticTracks Siupa glad you joined our family.

For members not familiar with Siupa...they are the ones that had the Auto Traffic Light for motorized road vehicles I posted about earlier HERE
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Mister No
Ah... i see it is been shared in here, thank you...sorry for replicate the share ...

Related to that motor tomica, yes it was an old production and sadly they already stop the production line related to the Tomica B/O or Motor Tomica, while i found it very interesting to see that motoric vehicles with the motoric "Diorama", together side by side with the takara tomy train scenic.

I think nowadays, they replace Tomica B/O with Tomica System line, which is maybe according to them more fun for kids to play
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I knew I recognised the videos too :) You'be neem coming up in my YT recommendations so I've subbed now ;)
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