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Too much track!
Thanks for your interest DDO. Perhaps it will become a little clearer when I sort through the bridge pieces. I hope people don't mind all my posts about this lot I just enjoy writing them like a diary.

As for Super's musings about the seller I can say he was retired and perhaps a british expat. The gear was used for a holiday program for children he once helped run that was shut down due to covid (then subsequently cancelled altogether despite things getting more normal again). He just wanted them gone anywhere. I didnt ask how he got them or what happened to all the engines as not to be nosy or hinting I wanted more for so cheap.

There would appear way too much for one family to play with but it seems I am the right person to at least give the lot some care and restore it for use. It is possible some or all of of it was donated so I am mindfull not to be greedy but part of it may be best grouped and sold locally at a value price without also tanking the local tomy market or being flipped again...
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I keep saying "Wow" but that is what I feel. So much stuff and look at all the parts you are accumilating for mods or repairs and possibly a little cash to buy more engines or to break even when listing some for sale. Keep showing us Rich, I love watching/reading these Posts. 😃
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Life has been getting in the way but i did manage some time to sort through the bridges. Of most note are 9 red iron bridges which when added with the one in my Bertie and Thomas set makes a potential 10 bridge run. A couple of the bridges would be missing one top piece but i have enough bases and sides for a functional 10.
[Image: 20220801-211625.jpg]

Sadly only one of the 3 'Sydney Harbour Bridge' sets is complete and i have 3 sets of suspension bridge sides but no extra pylons. I would give them to help someone make a full bridge but likely shipping cost would make it pointless to bother. And of course there are dozens of little bridge sides. Does anyone recognise what set the yellow one is?

My plan now is to focus on cleaning the blue track, boxing it neatly and storing excess in my roof. It is mainly in my shed which is fine now but does get hot in the summer. I am starting a spreadsheet to log each track type so i can determine my capacity to run a loop around my house. Also if I sell some I can do it in proportion so Im not left with excess of any type. I'm an accountant so this seems normal to me.
(08-01-2022, 10:44 PM)Rich.gamble Wrote: .....little bridge sides. Does anyone recognise what set the yellow one is?

[Image: image.png] [Image: image.png] [Image: image.png]
[Image: 7416b.jpg] [Image: Loop-Road-Set.jpg]
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A 10 bridge run would be awesome, I wish I had room for that, but that would at least 20 straights in length

I love the green bridges from the steam along thomas set,I got a complete one in a lot and two sides, not too long ago. They have to be my favourite shade pf green
The magic of the GWR
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Thank you Dr Chris 👍
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Rich.gamble
More on the yellow bridge sides...

The first appearance of this bridge appears to be in the 1988 Suburban Train (Blue Line) DX Rail Road Set, where it is moulded in white.

近郊電車(ブルーライン) DXレールロードセット

It represents the Great Seto Bridge, which connects the Japanese islands of Honshu and Shikoku, and also opened in 1988.

[Image: Suburban-train-Blue-Line-DX-rail-road-set-1988.jpg] [Image: DX-railroad-box.jpg] [Image: image.png]

When the parts were re-used in the Motor Tomica Loop Road set 7416, they came with additional yellow spacers which made them to fit onto the white road piers better, as you can see in the box-front picture in my earlier post. These have the additional benefit that they raise the bridge sufficiently that a train can pass beneath it. These spacers do not appear in the equivalent B/O Tomica Loop Bridge Set, and as far as I know are unique to TW7416.

[Image: DSC06662.jpg]
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Thanks for the information Dr Chris 😃
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