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thomas and friends mini series
i just received a message from the seller, and they have dispatched a replacement, with no need to return the other [thankfully, as it has been opened and the minis removed]

will wait for this one, and adjust my feedback accordingly.
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Hi guys! Im new here and me and my son love thomas and friends minis!!! As a toy collector, anyone can help me find the first batch of minis 2015? Im from philippines thats why It's hard to find it in our country. Thanks guys

If possible. Can I buy the 2015 minis in one whole pack? Like 83 minis in a box
Hello Miguel and Welcome Aboard 😃
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(09-05-2022, 04:50 AM)Fred_Pelhay Wrote: Counting all of the variants (such as "Blob Monster Percy" being available in opaque and transparent pink) how many individual MINIS have been made from 2015 to 2022? Like if you were to line them all up

If you include all the variants, the total is around 700. If you include with/without weights, different bases etc, you’re well over 1000.
I’ve been curious which variants people consider must-own parts of their collection. Obviously the blob Percy and in my opinion the translucent power rangers are an example. But there are others that aren’t as significant. I feel like I have basically a complete collection, but think I still need a few variants like the mummy glasses and eyeball/no eyeball Batman.
i only do decal variants, and then only certain ones, like the translucent ones or the batman. i dont do weight/no weight or differences like funnel heights, other than ones that turn up with others. i dont deliberately seek them out.

these three arrived in bulk lots or in multipacks, so i kept them. with the super heroes, they are from two different countries of origin.

[Image: P1090892.jpg]

[Image: P1090893.jpg]

[Image: P1090894.jpg]
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You know, it’s funny how this variant convo comes up after so many months of silence. I haven’t bought a mini since last year’s advent. Then today I went to a kids store to look for shoes for my kids and a little used pack of minis was hanging on a shelf, so I took a look what was in there and saw an odd version version of clay face bill. It was too clean, in my opinion, to just have had the paint wear off. All the other minis in the bag were in great shape. Either way, quite a coincidence. Had to buy it.
[Image: BC1-D80-E7-10-CC-41-D5-9-B24-E1-BE19-F68710.jpg]
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thats a good one, reivax. nice spotting!!
my website address has changed:

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